What is the difference between Data Tokens and Bonus Zone?

Bonus Zone (formerly known as Bonus Bytes)

Your service plan includes high-speed data available in the Bonus Zone, previously known as Bonus Bytes. It is the period of time between 2am-8am local time, when you have access to additional high-speed data, even if you have exceeded the amount of data in your Service Plan. This data is used automatically whenever you use HughesNet during the Bonus Zone hours. HughesNet Business Internet customers have Daytime Data and is applicable from 8am to 6pm.

One way you can take advantage of the Bonus Zone and save your Service Plan Data is to schedule your software updates to occur during this time!

Data Tokens

If you exceed your Service Plan Data, with or without using the data in the Bonus Zone, you can stay connected at full speeds until the next billing cycle with Data Tokens. Data Tokens give you more Service Plan data for an additional charge and are billed on your next monthly billing statement. Business Internet Continuity customers can purchase Data Tokens if they exceed their monthly service plan data. You can purchase Data Tokens through your myHughesNet.com account, or on the Mobile App. Data Tokens will be automatically applied when your Service Plan Data has been used.  In addition, Data Tokens never expire, so if you have a remaining Data Token available when your monthly reset occurs, the data will remain in your account until you use it. 

Learn more about Data Tokens here.