How do I Add a Wireless Router to my Internet Continuity Setup?

Adding a wireless router to your HughesNet Internet Continuity setup

  • Purchase a wireless router of your choice.
  • Attach the WAN/Internet port of your wireless router to Port 3 of the Automatic Failover Router (TP-Link TL-R470T+).
    • The wireless router will obtain network configuration automatically after plugging in.
  • Follow the instructions for your new wireless router on how to customize your SSIDs.
    • Example shown below is an Asus Router 
  • Connect your wireless devices to your new wireless router’s SSID (e.g. “ASUS-5G”)
  • On your wireless devices, ‘forget’ the existing SSIDs associated with your primary Internet provider and connect to your new wireless router.
    • Devices connected to your new wireless router will benefit from the automatic failover functionality.
    • You can connect to your primary Internet provider’s existing wireless router/modem or HughesNet HT2000W Modem for troubleshooting purposes. Be sure to forget the SSID afterwards, so your device automatically connects back to the new wireless router to benefit from automatic failover.

iOS- Forget Network 

Android- Forget Network