What is the Bonus Zone?

The Bonus Zone is a period of time when you have access to additional high-speed data! For residential customers it is between the hours of 2am-8am local time. The amount of your Bonus Zone data is determined by the service plan to which you subscribe. Use this additional plan data to download large files like movies, system updates for your computer, tablet, or smartphone—and more.

What is the difference between Service Plan Data and Bonus Zone (Formerly Bonus Bytes)?

You will consume your Service Plan Data whenever you use the internet during daytime hours. Your usage can be viewed on myhughesnet.com and the Hughesnet Mobile App.

Bonus Zone represents additional data that does not count toward your monthly Service Plan Data during the hours of 2am and 8am local time only.

How do I use Bonus Zone?

It’s easy- you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of this! During the Bonus Zone hours (2am-8am), your service will automatically use the additional plan data instead of using Data from your service plan. 

How much Bonus Zone data do I receive with my plan? (requires sign in)

You can best leverage the Bonus Zone by scheduling your computer updates and movie/music downloads during this time. 

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