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Hughes Wi-Fi Booster
Hughes Wi-Fi Booster connects you with a strong wireless signal almost everywhere, even when you're not next to your router. So, relax and enjoy your favorite shows from room- to room.
Seamless Home Network
The Hughes Wi-Fi Booster provides a seamless signal that will keep you connected as you move through your house. Other Wi-fi extenders will require you to restart and re-buffer the content you were enjoying, but the Hughes Wi-Fi Booster maintains your connection from room-to-room.
Easy Installation
A Wi-Fi Booster can be connected in just a few simple steps. Use the Wi-Fi Hughesnet Mobile App to gauge your signal strength in every room. In addition, LED lights on the Booster help you identify the best location to place the device so that it"s the right distance from your router.
Powerful Connectivity
Wi-Fi strength and reliability are affected by the materials in your walls. The Wi-Fi Booster helps provide coverage across your home, even through dense wall material such as brick, metal and concrete. It also works on both 2.4Ghz and 5-Ghz channels.
Robust Security
Rest easy knowing your signal is secure. The Hughes Wi-Fi Booster uses the same WPA/WPA2 password protection from your HT2000W Satellite Wi-Fi Modem. You don"t need to configure a separate SSID or password into your devices.
Hughes Wi-Fi Booster
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